Airflow Controls

Our range of innovative VAV controls are designed specifically to provide variable airflow volume and ensure the safety of users working with industrial and educational fume hoods and biological safety cabinets. As well as mitigating risk, VAV airflow controls reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.

As many fume hood ventilation systems are full fresh air type a high amount of energy is wasted when the fume cupboards are not in use. Converting to VAV can reduce volumes by up to 85%, reducing both energy costs and carbon emissions. TEL offers a full retro fit service and is making a considerable impact on how organizations meet their carbon reduction targets.


Safety and compliance
Protecting your staff from potentially hazardous fumes and substances and ensuring you stay compliant.

Energy and cost savings
The TEL VAV airflow controller reduces the volume of air taken from the fume hood when it is not being used, reducing energy usage by up to 85%, considerably reducing costs.

Carbon emissions reduced
With many organizations having to meet carbon reduction targets, TEL’s VAV airflow controller reduces energy waste, ensuring reductions in carbon emissions.

With no inherent drift, the unique sensor will provide stable readings over many years of operation without re-calibration, ensuring reliability and safety.