EcoFlex Fume Hoods

EcoFlex™ Fume Hoods offer Economical, Relocatable Airflow Containment

EcoFlex™ Fume Hoods were developed in collaboration with major pharmaceutical, industrial and research institutions. They needed individuals, workgroups, and interdisciplinary communities to work as teams on scientific investigations. Teamwork is often improved by proximity, so they wanted relocatable, plug-and-play fume hoods for the flexibility to reconfigure facilities inexpensively, and on short notice.

Plug-And-Play Technology Is Operational In Hours!

  1. Transport
  2. Install (primarily Venting and Electrical)
  3. Safety Checks:
    1. Controls Calibration Test
    2. Performance Test
  4. Begin Routine Operations

Delivered as a fully tested and certified piece of equipment, EcoFlex Fume Hood controls and dampers are installed and commissioned prior to shipping.

Our clients needed fume hoods that could be relocated with minimum disruption, but only if they did not have to trade-off containment performance at low inflow velocities, visibility, installation time, energy efficiency, or price.

This exciting process allowed us to re-conceptualize the work space. The ergonomic design (including storage and waste spaces) of the EcoFlex Fume Hood is equal, or superior, to any fume hood on the market today.

System Features/Benefits

  • Slim Wall Design™ provides the maximum “technical” space for the footprint
  • Vision panels in the front and sides maximize viewable area
  • LED internal lighting lowers maintenance and energy costs
  • Advanced airflow design delivers state-of-the-art containment performance
  • All controls (CAV, VAV & Auto Sash) are BACNet/LAN ready for remote monitoring

EcoFlex Fume Hood Options

  • CAV or VAV
  • Waste Handling System
  • Programmable Auto Sash Closer
  • Schlenk Line Controls
  • Fire Extinguisher System
  • Adjustable Height Support Frame

EcoFlex Fume Hood Option Details


  • CAV monitors standard – VAV, Actuator, and Damper recommended

Waste Handling System

  • Two dedicated waste chutes standard: General Waste & Glassware (waste bins provided
    in pull-out cupboard unit)
  • Side wall-mounted baskets for storage of solvent waste, sharps. etc.

Programmable Auto Sash Closer

  • Tiptronic Action
  • Max Sash Open Alarm
  • Sash Closing Speed
  • Auto Open

Schlenk Line Controls

  • Vacuum & Nitrogen service to 3 way precision valves
  • Nitrogen regulator and fine control valve
  • Gas bubbler
  • Panel mounted and positioned for optimum ergonomic safety

Fire Extinguisher System

  • Stand alone operation
  • Signal provided for activation and system status • Options: CO2, Powder, or foam

Adjustable Height Support Frame

“We wanted the fume hood to evolve, so we improved the functionality of this key piece of laboratory equipment.”
An EcoFlex Development Partner