Laboratory Solutions

TEL has worked with laboratory companies and fume hood manufacturers for over 20 years, developing innovative airflow monitoring and control systems specifically designed to meet the requirements for the end users and the manufacturers.


Our range of CAV airflow monitors and VAV airflow controls utilize a unique airflow sensor that is used to measure face velocities or duct velocities. The sensor has no inherent drift and provides stable accurate readings over many years of operation without the need for recalibration.

The AFA500 and AFA1000 series of airflow monitors are specifically designed to ensure the safety of users of industrial fume hoods, educational fume hoods, and bio safety cabinets. Over 100,000 airflow monitors can be found in laboratories across the world (often with a new OEM brand) – the name TEL is synonymous with high performance and safety.

The AFA1000/E series of VAV airflow controllers are designed to provide VAV control and ensure the safety of users of industrial fume hoods, educational fume hoods, and bio-safety cabinets. Our VAV control systems are helping organisations meet carbon reduction targets, reducing energy usage by up to 85%, reducing operating costs and at the same time, carbon footprint. A full retro fit solution is also available on existing CAV systems.

Companies can maximize energy and cost savings and provide even greater safety for fume cupboard operators by introducing TEL’s innovative auto sash controller. It has been specifically designed to close the sash automatically when the operator is not present in front of the fume hoods.