Retrofit Solutions

As technology advances and legislation increases, we have developed solutions with laboratory companies and fume cupboard manufacturers to ensure we are meeting the needs of existing and future projects.

Most kitchen hoods will only require full exhaust performance for a small part of the day. The TEL kitchen hood VAV system automatically varies the exhaust and supply air as the cooking demands change or when the presence of smoke or cooking effluence is detected. It has unique microprocessor based controls whose sensors automatically regulate fan speed based on cooking load, time of day and hood temperature while minimizing energy usage.

The TEL kitchen hood can reduce energy usage by up to 75%, considerably reducing energy costs and carbon emissions. It can also decrease cleaning costs, reduce wear and tear on equipment and provide a significantly quieter kitchen.

To meet the mandatory requirements in most commercial kitchens, TEL’s kitchen hood VAV system can also be supplied with an integrated Gas Interlock system, which cuts off the gas flow in the event of kitchen ventilation failure.

Varying the speed of the fan as your cooking loads change will save you money by reducing ventilation and air conditioning needs. For information on our green energy kitchens,

We offer a full retrofit service which includes:

  • Feasibility study of existing plant including usage and efficiency
  • Energy calculation giving current costs and potential savings
  • Proposal including costing and methodology
  • Installation and commissioning service
  • Training schedule for users/site engineers

TEL dealer Green Energy Hoods did a great job installing our new laboratory fume hoods and variable air volume Controls. They took the time to clearly explain to our staff how our new lab equipment worked to and showed us how our new equipment is safer and more energy efficient. They were timely, within budget and I would recommend them to anyone looking to update their facility or build a new one.
– Dr. John May, Professor of Biology, Marian University