Volumetric Controls

Our innovative volumetric controller is designed to provide variable airflow volume (VAV) control and ensure the safety of users working with industrial and educational fume cupboards and fume hoods. As well as mitigating risk, the Volumetric airflow controls reduce energy consumption.

The Volumetric controller utilizes a bell mouth type Venturi restrictor to accurately measure the exact volume of the fume hood, and provides VAV control based on either sash position, programmable fixed set points, or 0-10VDC analogue input. The controller can also operate using 3rd party orifice plates or other manufactured restrictor devices.


Safety and Compliance
Protecting your staff from potentially hazardous fumes and substances and ensuring you stay compliant.
Energy and Cost Savings
The TEL Volumetric Controller reduces the volume of air taken from the fume cabinet when it is not in use, reducing energy usage by up to 85% and considerably reducing costs.